ASIHAccess is the gateway to tapping Dr. Scally's expertise on anabolic steroids. Dr. Scally provides consultation to individuals, physicians, attorneys, organizations, and others. Inquiries are for medical diagnostic and treatment concerns from both individual and physicians. Literature search and summary are available on a host of anabolic steroid research that extend from theoretical to marketplace application. All work is personally performed by Dr. Scally.


Provided by Michael Scally, M.D.

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What is ASIHAccess?

ASIHAccess is a fee-based service that provides rapid and easy access to Dr. Scally.


Who Can Use ASIHAccess?

Requests for ASIHAccess have come from individuals, physicians, attorneys, and corporations. Most questions concern personal healthcare issues but information and education of physicians, legal expert opinion and report, corporate consultation for supplement and drug development, and invited article writings are other sources. The only limit is the imagination and interest of the request.


How Does ASIHAccess Work?

Dr. Scally, personally, reviews and responds to each request. The answer to inquiries is typically within five business days or less. If necessary, communication with third party clients (physicians, attorneys, corporate) upon request is provided.


Research and Literature Search Services

Detailed and comprehensive reports are provided per specifications. Reports are from review or summary articles for the general public to fully referenced and footnoted research material. Report lengths are variable and have been from as little as 1,000 words  and much greater. Services can also be provided on a per word basis.


What Type of Information Does ASIHAccess Provide?

ASIHAccess provides information on health and disease-related topics. These include but are not limited to the following:

AAS Science

AAS Medicine

Second Opinion

Expert Opinion






And more

What are the ASIHAccess Fees?

Consultation (Email only) - one month


Consultation (phone) - 60 minutes


 Consultation (phone & email) 


Research and Literature Search Services

 $175.00 per hour (1 hour minimum, 1/2 hour increments)


Prepayment Required
(Estimates of cost are available in advance)


How Can I Request Service from ASIH?

Services can be requested by directly linking to payment for consultation services above or by emailing Dr. Scally. If choosing direct payment through the credit card link above, an email is sent to Dr. Scally confirming payment. If Dr. Scally does not respond with an email within 24 hours, please email the inquiry. If choosing to email Dr. Scally regarding services, please provide as much information as possible or ask specific question(s) to allow for an accurate estimate. Email: 


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